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Hut 1

Sleeps 18 people in 9 double bunks

Hut 1 is an open plan dormitory offering 9 double bunks to sleep 18 people.





Hut 2

Sleeps 22 people in 11 double bunks

Hut 2 has two sections. The main area sleeps 10 people in 5 double bunks. and has room for seating. This room can be used as a small meeting area. The second area through a door can sleep 12 people in 6 double bunks.



Hut 4

Sleeps 40 people in 20 double bunks

Hut 4 is divided into 3 areas. The two ends sleep 20 people each in 10 double bunks. The centre area is a meeting room and also has cooking and refrigeration appliances. This hut also has three toilets.



Hut 5

Contains 41 singles and 2 queen beds

Hut 5 has 19 rooms that have two single beds in each room. There is 1 room that sleeps 1. Accessible from the outside verandah are rooms 22 & 24. Room 22 has a queen bed and 2 double bunks and room 24 has a queen bed.


Hut 6

Sleeps 22 people 

Hut 6 consists of 11 rooms, each containing 2 single beds. There is also a small kitchen at one end.





Bethel House

2 bedroom house

Bethel house is setup to sleep 5. One bedroom has a queen bed and the other has a double bunk and a single bed. It has a living area and kithen and also a bathroom and toilet.  The living area is airconditioned and the unit has facilities for wheelchair access.

Family Units

3 x 3 bedroom units sleeps 8

Each unit has 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, toilet and shower. Of the 3 bedrooms, 1 has a queen bed, the second has 2 single beds, and the third has 2 double bunks.  The living room in each is air conditioned

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